“That girl” on Flight 2137


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Do you ever have those moments when you ask yourself, “Why am I such a walking disaster?”

I mean, I try like Hell to be coordinated and ladylike (despite the swear word in the beginning of this sentence). My parents paid for years of dance lessons and gymnastics. I look at my maternal genetic lineage and see nothing but poise and grace.

Yet, here I am. Hurricane Danielle. I must have gotten the recessive genes.

Airplanes really bring out the hot mess I posses.

Like my most recent work trip…

Making it to the Austin airport an hour and a half ahead of my flight home and surviving TSA without the usual pat down I am somehow always granted I was feeling pretty good about the way things were looking for the last leg of my work trip. I had time to grab a coffee, a Schlotzsky’s sandwich, charge my phone. — It was fantastic.

But making it through anything without making a spectacle of myself doesn’t seem to be in my cards.

Laptop case looped over my carryon handle, purse on my shoulder and brown paper sandwich bag clutched in hand, I confidently boarded Southwest Flight 2137 from Austin to Nashville. But have you ever tried maneuvering three bags and your dinner down a narrow plane aisle? I feel like even for the most graceful of humans it would be a challenge, at least that’s what I tell myself. So when not-so-graceful — last to board her flight — me took on this challenge it went a little bit like.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!”
“Excuse me”
“Sorry about that”
“My apologies”

All the way down the aisle until I finally stopped knocking people with my luggage and found a place to sit.

I was THAT girl.

The next hurdle I was faced with was placing my carryon in the overhead bins. Not easily swayed from a task, I grabbed my bag and bucked it like a square bale going towards a hay loft up into the bin. 2015 may be young, but that moment is holding true for my most graceful moment thus far.

Y’all it was beautiful.

That is until I couldn’t get it pushed into the back of the bin because the top of the bag was stuck on the door hinge. Which of course Earth-shattering 5’2 me couldn’t see as I proceeded to jump up and down on the plane in my attempts to punch my bag into the depths of the bin.

I was THAT girl.

Thankfully the guy sitting in the row behind me came to rescue and fixed my bag, (Yay for tall humans!) allowing me to sit down, get comfortable and enjoy my flight.

…and my dinner.

Something I had forgotten was that elevation changes on things like a bag of chips causes them to swell to maximum capacity. Hoping to avoid an embarrassing “pop” to resound throughout the cabin, I opened my chips ever so cautiously. I did manage to open them quietly but I forgot how strong a small bag jalapeno chips could smell.

As the aroma of chips began to find the people around me, who of course turned to look, I got a tad bit flustered, forgot what my legs were doing and crossed my knees at the very moment the stewardess walked by and somehow got my foot tangled all up in life preserver/oxygen mask she was carrying.

I was THAT girl.

You may be thinking surely nothing else can happen, but this is me, so everything aforementioned is child’s play compared to my embarrassing grand finale.

There came a time towards the end of Flight 2137 when I realized I was going to have to use the dreaded airplane bathroom. The back of the plane where I was at was relatively empty, passengers were dozing, there was no one in line, it seemed like the perfect time.

I stepped into the bathroom, locked the door and took a moment to marvel at how small airplane bathrooms really are. I fixed my makeup, readjusted the Bobbi pins in my hair and then set forth with my intended mission.

Mission accomplished I started to pull up my jeans. Since the bathroom was SO SMALL I turned to the side to do — meaning my backside was pointed towards the door.

What I didn’t realize in my turning, and the wiggling of pulling up my drawers, my hips had hit the lock on the bathroom door, causing it to no longer be locked.

Suddenly I felt a Tap Tap Tap of the door being shoved quickly three times. You see my hip unlocking the door and me turning to the side meant I had unknowingly been doing my “pull up my jeans wiggle” with my dairy-air hanging out into the open and someone on the other side was trying to save me from anymore indecent exposure.

I whipped around in the airplane bathroom and locked the door with terrified force.

And then I stood there…

In the airplane bathroom…

Staring at my crimson complexion, trying to convince myself what had just happened didn’t really happened.

But it had, and when my face returned it’s normal color I took a breath and opened the door to be greeted by not one, but THREE people in line for the bathroom and the stewardess. All of who immediately began staring at their feet.

Yeah… I was THAT girl.

To add salt to the wound, the person who had been trying to shut the door was the guy who had helped me fix my bag. You know, the one sitting directly behind me.

*deep breaths*

The rest of the flight I marinated in my shame and managed to avoid any more hiccups.

I was THAT girl.

Christmas Tidings from Mid-Missouri


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I know Christmas was two weeks ago, but I wanted to share with y’all a secret santa type group I participated in called Christmas in the Country. While Christmas in the Country is in it’s second year, this was my first to partake.

It basically works the same as secret Santa, but with ag bloggers. The fun part about it (or at least in my case) is the people you are sending and receiving your Christmas box are people you’ve never interacted with before.

I drew Darleen, the Guernsey Dairy Mama. Darleen lives in Oregon and is the mother of two little boys. For her box I put a few food items that represented Kentucky. I purchased them from a store literally named “Taste of Kentucky.” She mentioned one of her favorite things about the holiday is collecting Christmas ornaments from states she has visited, so in went a little wooden Kentucky ornament. Since she is a boy mom, I thought Darleen deserved something fun and girly, so I found some cute boot socks to add. Finally, I made her a little box of all the Christmas treats I had made for our neighbors. Thinking back though, I now remember she said she strongly dislikes white chocolate …and part of that box had white chocolate. MAJOR FAIL on my part.

You can check out Darleen’s Facebook page here, and her blog here.

On the other end, my secret santa turned out to be Kathy of the blog Hasekamps of Tulip and H&K Farms Facebook page. Before I say anything else, I want to say Kathy was a wonderful secret santa. The amount of thought that went into the box she sent me blew my mind. I felt thoroughly internet stalked by the time I finished her letter. IMG_6281

Not only do Kathy and I share the same last name initial, we also share a few parallel life moments. Looking through my posts about our #pimpmytrailer remodel she said it looked like the same floor plan as when her and her husband first started out. Judging by the time frame she mentioned and the date of creation of our trailer I would say it more than likely IS the same floor plan. ;)

When I opened my box, I squealed. No joke, squealed. Laying at the top were two tea towels. Not only do I freaking love tea towels, these had COWS on them. Not just the standard Holstein look stores stick on things they want to represent cows, these were beef cows. Red and black beef cows. JUST like our pretty ladies I can see from my window right now. Kathy made the cows on the towels (that rhymes *giggle*), which makes them even more special.

The black cow fell victim to my flour hands last night while cooking chicken fried steak. Oops.

The black cow fell victim to my flour hands last night while cooking chicken fried steak. Oops.

Wanting to incorporate both the beef and poultry part of our farm, Kathy enclosed this adorable chicken wire. It’s so cute I’m afraid to use it. I’m foreseeing a wreath DIY project in my future… IMG_6282As I mentioned, Kathy and I have the same last name initial, she added a little metal “H” to play on that. The one “H” I had, that was used in our engagement pictures was broken in the terrible “I can’t find the light switch in the dark” incident of April 2014, so finally having another decorated “H” in my life couldn’t have been more perfect. IMG_6283

Mary Kay Pomegranate soap was another item in our box. You can never go wrong with giving hand soap to a livestock farmer. We go through a lot of it around here. The Pomegranate smells heavenly, I’m keeping it in a safe place until summer. Yeah… I’m the girl who coordinates her soap smells for seasons. IMG_6287

Kathy read my post on learning to can, and picked up on me missing life West of the Mississippi. To play on this she included some hot peppers she had canned herself, as well as BBQ sauce and mustard local to her area. Yay for spicy!IMG_6285The final item in my box was peanut brittle. You won’t find a picture below because I ate it… Quickly. And, what was left, I determined HAD TO GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, so I put it on a dessert plate and brought it to my husband’s family’s Christmas party.

…and then when I few people raved about what addicting peanut brittle it was, I had to admit I had nothing to do with making it. Thank you Amish community near Kathy’s home for your incredible peanut brittle making skills, my jeans are a little bit tighter for it.

THANK YOU Kathy for totally spoiling me! You were a wonderful first Christmas in the Country partner. I am excited to have you on my blog stalking radar now.

If you want to read Kathy’s full letter to me, you can view it here 

January CFBP: Holiday Treasure Hunt


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Happy 2015! Oh my goodness it feels so weird to say that. Seriously does time even go anymore? Along with the beginning of a new year, is the beginning of a new month which OF COURSE means the beginning of a new Blog Party.

Before we move on to all things new, lets recap on December’s blog party — “Baby it’s Cold Outside.” I’m going to be honest I had a really hard time picking a winner, but here goes nothing… (Click on the photo to visit the post)

Smokey Mountain Cabin Soup
The Frugal PantryDSC_1503

That title. That picture. Now I’m hungry.

Lemon Coconut Shortbread Cookies
My Overflowing Cupshortbread-cookies

I think food may be my love language, that tends to be the posts I’m drawn too as favorites. Also, like I’ve mentioned in previous blog parties, I love when people turn summer items into winter items.

Wordless Wednesday: Walking Through a Frosty Farm
Walking the Off-Beaten Pathdsc_0504

This is magical. Really hit home with the Baby it’s Cold Outside theme.

Now, let’s talk about this month, Holiday Treasure Hunt! Let’s talk about Christmas just a little bit longer, link up your posts on your holiday recaps, special gifts you received or gave, holiday traditions, or anything you might do to celebrate the winter holidays.

Link up your posts below (only 3 per blog please.), check out the other posts this month and share a little love of their blogs.

…and while we’re being loving here, visit the other hosts of CFBP:

One last note, if you link up please remember to grab our party button, designed by Kelly of Old Blue Silo.

Country Fair Blog Party

December CFBP — Baby It’s Cold Outside


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While I have heard many utter, “I can’t believe it’s already December.” When the first rolled around, I let out a sigh of relief, along the lines of “Thank goodness it’s finally December.” As I have mentioned quite often, things have been a little hectic for me personally, and while I’m not out of the weeds, the sunlight is starting to peek through.

Heck, I paid all our bills on time this month. Considering that one month recently I totally forgot about bills in general, I say we are making major improvements on my life overwhlemness. I even put those wedding prints I ordered six months ago in an album. Lookout world!

Since I completely missed out on November’s Blog Party, I’m just going to skip the favorites picking from the pervious month and start fresh. As you might have guessed from above, “Baby it’s Cold Outside” is the theme of our December Country Fair Blog Party.

Have a post on caring for your livestock when the weather turns cold? How about soul-warming recipes like soup or chili, and we can’t forget Christmas, show us your holiday decorating and party hosting tips. The sky is the limit, but only three posts per blog, please.

As always be sure and visit my fellow co-hosts and leave a little love on their pages.

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Belongs with Wildflowers

If you link-up grab the Country Fair Blog Party Button that Kelly from Old Blue Silo designed for us, and if you’re not sure how to link up, check out an older post here.

I can’t wait to see what y’all come up with for December!

<3 Dani


Signs you’ve hit your tired, overworked breaking point


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I feel like my posts as of late all have the same subliminal messages. Danielle is busy. Danielle is tired. Danielle is working four jobs. Sorry, y’all. I promise the end of this madness is near. No one will be happier than me… except maybe My Someone — not only is he most days the only human I see or interact with (work at home probs.) — he gets the brunt of my stress load.

While I think it’s safe to say, most of the time, everyone is busy, I think we’ve all been at points where the busy load pushes us to questionable psych levels. So, while I should’ve been sleeping, my mind came up with a list of overworked signs I think others could relate too. I believe the only way to get through the hard times is to find something to laugh about.

So I give you:

Signs you’ve hit your tired, overworked breaking point

• Those close to you are beginning to question your sanity. 0d491142666315c6bad34be3021f83c0eb22c5ba2e8c4e913dc07eb68826e2d0

• You look to an edible source for comfort.

In my case, that bag of mini Reese’s cups I originally bought for my husband.

Reese’s cups understand…
Reese’s cups think my work is good enough…
Reese’s cups whisper, “Hey girl, I know you’re tired, here have another one of us”…
Reese’s cups are my friend…

Oops, now there is chocolate on my keyboard.images-1

• Wanting to cry, but not having enough energy to actually cry.

• Unanswered text messages. Friends have text you all the happenings in their life, you opened it, fully intended to respond, got a work related call and now it’s two weeks later — you still haven’t responded and every attempt to fix that is once again interrupted by something work related. Resulting in several half finished texts.

• As a result of being exceptionally, tired you have a strong urge to throat punch every individual who asks when you plan on having children, and/or criticizes you for A.) voicing your decision you plan to wait or B.) voicing that life is currently too crazy to contemplate procreation.

“If you think you’re busy now wait till you have kids, you’ll realize how easy you have it currently.” Blah, blah, blah please stop talking before I forget I am a lady.thumb

• Having conversations, but not remembering you’ve actually already had that conversation.

“Wait, you mean I already asked you what day the chickens are coming in? …three times? Just this evening? Oh… Well, tell me one more time.”images

• You may be overworked and tired, and it’s perfectly understandable to have a messy house BUT your OCD and perfectionist qualities are on your shoulder constantly nagging you over the state of your hacienda. The worrying of this decreases work efficiency and you find yourself considering actually hiring a maid, just so you can finally have a settled mind and pump out some work.
But, who’s kidding who here, with your personality you would clean your home before the maid showed up. Which slightly defeats the purpose… And so continues the vicious dirty home cycle.

*breathes into brown paper sack*

• You find yourself getting all kinds of excited about the prospect of service peoples appointment at your home the following day, because that means your home — which has been horribly neglected because work takes all your waking hours — moves to death con 1. It’s amazing how much intense cleaning can be accomplished in a few short hours.

Maybe I can hire that maid now…

• Your mood has taken on a roller coaster of anxiety, monotone and spastic anger, making your significant other feel like they’re hunkered in a bunker on the front lines.

My Someone’s white flag is doing the dishes. Lately, he’s done a lot of dishes.

• Your brain has reached a point where making decisions is not in your favor. Like when you’re trying to write a story from your laptop, in the oil change place, and they hit you with something like ‘Hey, your license plate light is out. We can change that for you for like 10 times the price of what you can buy the damn lightbulb from Autozone for.’ (Something along those lines.) …and you’re like sure, and then you face a not-so-happy husband about your financial decision when you get home.  Friends• …and while we’re on decision making. Citizens! For the love of some-guy-named-Pete, whatever you do, DO NOT ask a person who is hitting their tired breaking point what they want to eat. Unless you’re ready to be hit with the roller coaster of emotions I described earlier.

The #DaniSquared showdown of Sunday night’s, “Culvers or Penn Station? Just pick one!” Resulted in an uber dramatic monologue on my part. Seriously, how am I supposed to decide between those two? ESPECIALLY when I’m this tired. *insert waterworks*

The Notebook• You’ve spent so much time absorbed into work that your physical appearance has fallen low on the list of priorities. To the point when your husband says, ‘you look pretty,’ it comes out more like “Umm, you look… pretty?”

I’ve reached the point I do not respond to SnapChats with my face. Don’t want to scare the children. 1278517_1379033077660_full

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that light is looking more like strands of multicolored loveliness accompanied with jingle bells, mail that isn’t bills and holiday cheer. Yes, my life should resume some normalcy by Christmas. Till then I’m holding on tight to what is left of my sanity. If you’re going through the same thing currently, God speed and good luck!

Until next time!

Editors note: As a result of trying to work while writing this and lack of good quality sleep this post is riddled with many-o-typo. I’m fixing them as I catch them.
Don’t judge, just love. 

CFBP — October Favorites


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I give Kentucky a lot go flack, but this state actually has a fall …and it’s pretty magical.

It’s crazy to me we are already well on our way to November, it seems like just yesterday I was writing my first of the month Country Blog Party post.

HEY! Speaking of a blog party post, it’s time to announce my favorites from this months link up!

So here goes, my top three for the month of October:

(In no particular order)

“If I’m being honest, in the current day and age, this is one of the main reasons I will always continue to hunt. If something was to happen, I will always have a way to be able to provide for my family.”

My blog is called High Heels & SHOTGUN SHELLS. I recently spent an entire weekend in the woods, sleeping outside, waiting for a deer, the whole kit and ka-boodle, you can see why this was a win for me.

Lemon Sugar Cookies — The Chicken Chick

“After years of fighting with fussy, crumbly, sticky sugar cookie doughs, I finally found one that is a joy to work with.”

I have had a secret (not anymore) Pinterest obsession with creating perfect sugar cookies this holiday season. More specifically, sugar cookies with royal icing. What I love about this post is, not only, does it tie in with my research topic of the week, BUT these are lemon sugar cookies. Lemon sugar cookies for FALL. I freaking love all the things lemon, but I always feel a tad bit guilty about cheating on all things pumpkin with lemon in Fall. NOT ANYMORE! Thanks, Chicken Chick.

Cheap Wood Picket Fence — Our Simple Life
“Here on our farm, we count our pennies and look for creative ways to reuse and recycle whatever we can.”
This post is a favorite for m because it could not have landed in front of my face at a more perfect time. I am in the process of plotting out our garden layout, and I was wanting a white picket fence around the raised bed section. …but a more rustic white picket fence. …a more rustic white picket fence that I can afford.
This post was absolutely perfect for that. Looks like I’ll be raiding my inlays pallet collection. …again.
And, that’s it, those are my top three favorites for the month of October. What were yours? Comment below and tell me. You can find more at the bottom of my first October CFBP post, here. 
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Naturally, November’s theme will be Thanksgiving, giving, thanks… I’m sure you’re seeing where I’m going with this. So, start thinking about turkey and we’ll party again soon!


Where We Are


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When I said early next week, I really should’ve said mid-three weeks from now. I think that first sentence describes what my life is like — has been like — for the last six months. It’s so busy and crazy I just lose track of time.

However, I am really excited that there is a light in the end of this tunnel. Two weeks ago, I accepted a new job, which means I get to quit the three I was juggling, but unfortunately — for the time being — this means I have four establishments of employment for a short while longer.

That paragraph made me tired just writing it.

I’m really looking forward to being able to being able to stop and breathe, enjoy life again AND finish our home remodel… Which is why you’re here. Some of you have been patiently waiting (I’m looking at you Grandma and Grand Dad), some of you have morbid curiosity after seeing the before pictures and then some of you are just here because it popped up on your newsfeed and you’ve been sucked into the black hole that is social media. Whatever your reason for reading this, just know, I’m happy you’re here.

So, what do you say we take a tour of where we are now on things…

(If you missed “Where We Started,” you can see it here.)

IMG_9990Welcome back!

Things look a little bit different, don’t they? ;)IMG_9991I feel like this “Where We Are” post not only says, “Wow, Danielle still has a lot to do — like finish painting cabinet doors and complete them with hardware.” But also, “Wow, Danielle has no idea where to put everything yet.”

Both of those statements would be correct. Clutter makes me bat-*ahem*-crazy, so rest assured when the time comes for finished posts, the clutter will be in check. IMG_9992


IMG_9994The laundry room was my first room to paint EVER. Not that I reached pro status after painting several more… But this one has to be re-done. Joy.

Still to go, trim, baseboards, cabinet overhaul. IMG_1022Oh, hey there bedroom. You look different than before, too. IMG_1023No more stained, gross carpet! Hip Hip Hooray!

So, much trim to paint though. So. Much.


Onward to the other end of the house!IMG_9995




All that has changed about my office so far is the new flooring …everyone has a kid’s rope and a sombrero in their office, right? Please tell me yes. IMG_9999Same goes for the guest bathroom, I’m mainly showing you this because I am NOT showing y’all the guest bedroom. Which has drastically changed… But it’s currently my catch all due to having no cabinet space, something else I have figured into our remodel. ;)

I took all the above photos late at night, didn’t edit them and just uploaded my little heart out to this post. That’s why they are dark. I’ll do better next time, promise.

My final progress photo I have to share with you today is the front of our house, which has actually changed even more since I took this photo. Which makes me, oh-so-very-happy.

IMG_2198New sidewalk! New Porch! Now, to tackle some landscape layout. (Obviously I took this on a different day than all those above.)

So, that’s a wrap on our middle photos, looking at them really makes me realize how much we’ve done. I actually got so excited writing this post I kept getting distracted and would find myself cruising the Lowe’s Website, plotting, scheming and making to-do lists.

I heart to-do lists.

Until next time!

Where We Started


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As I sit here, staring at my kitchen with only a few cabinet doors hung and an entire house lacking base boards, I realize I seriously am in need of some new motivation for home remodel. We did so much, so quickly, that My Someone and I have spent the past couple of months in burnout mode. Not that things haven’t been accomplished, I just figured we would’ve been a lot closer to finished by now.

I think what I need is a trip back to the beginning to remember where we started. Besides the previous owners, no one but My Someone and I saw it in it’s original state. Even my in-laws — who have been wonderful in helping with the remodel — never saw our home at day one.

They saw a lot of demo, and if you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw a lot of demo too. But, we’re finally on the not-so-scary side of remodel, which is a relief in it’s self.

Let me give you some background. My Someone and I grew up very differently. He, grew up at the same address, in the same big pretty house he was brought home from the hospital to. Me, on the other hand, I am an oil field kid. Meaning, growing up, we moved. A lot. I’ve lived in a little bit of everything, little houses, big houses, two-story houses, a trailer and a camper.

So, as we viewed this trailer (that happened to be already sitting on the land we were already in the process of purchasing) for the first time, My Someone’s initial reaction was, “No way in Hell.” While mine was more like, “It needs some work, but it has potential.”

Needs some work, was an understatement. But, lucky for us, the work needed was almost all cosmetic. Besides a new roof we didn’t run into anything that was structurally major. Which has been a win in our book.

Alright, enough gabbing, let’s get on with the tour. Journey back with me now… for the first time ever… As I present, Day 1: where we started.

Here we begin in the living room, looking towards the kitchen.

Mmmm Magenta carpet, reeking of cigarette smoke, and terrible fashion trends of the early 90’s.


IMG_3953At this angle, the cabinets actually looked like they were in decent condition. Don’t let them lie to you, up close they had been rode hard and put up wet.



Hey, there laundry room. How you doin’?IMG_3959Onward to the master bedroom!


IMG_3961Yes… In case you are wondering. That is in fact carpeted stairs in a bathroom that is open to the bedroom.IMG_3965Sooo. Sooo much wrong with this picture. IMG_3969That’s a cute carpet stain… Said no one, ever. IMG_3972(In my best tour guide voice) Now, here we are on the other end of this *clears throat* lovely 24-year-old single wide trailer. IMG_3974Welcome to my office. It’s itsy-bitsy.IMG_3977Followed up by the guest bathroom. It’s also itsy-bitsy.IMG_3978Doesn’t he know I’m trying to give a home tour here? Sheesh.IMG_3982The guest bedroom, for when all my long-lost Okies come to visit.

That’s enough for the interior. Let’s head out side y’all!!IMG_3986Aint she cute? ;)IMG_3992And with that I conclude this back in time journey through our home pre-remodel tour. *takes a bow*

Did you find yourself twitching, ready to rip out some magenta carpet and splash paint all over those dirty walls? Could you feel the aroma of cigarette smoke coming through your computer screen? Do you feel like you need to take a bath now?

Or is all that just me?

Never fear. I can promise it no longer looks like this. *Whew*

Sidenote: I’m one ** loving, question asking girl today. I just want y’all to truly be in the moment with me. You’re feeling it right? No? Whatever. Just love me. 

Now that you’ve seen the true before, early next week I’m going to share the “where we are now.” Plus, it’s a good excuse to do my dishes, run a vacuum across the floor.

I’m hoping all this will be the DIY motivational kick in the rear I’m needing to get back at it and finish the inside, so I can share the final completed photos some time in near future.

Until next time!


October County Fair Blog Party


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Country Fair Blog Party by Country LINKed

Welcome to the new and improved Country Fair Blog Party!

How is it new and improved? Well, while I opted for a once a month schedule a few months ago, the other hosts hung in there. Eventually, it just got to be too much for them to juggle every week. So now we are officially a once a month party!

How does it work? The first day of every month we will post a new County Fair Blog Party, and then later in the month — let’s say the 15th — each co-host will share their favorites in another post.

But wait, there’s more! We’re themed now! Themes are my favorite. October will be themed fall, so dust off all things pumpkin spice! Oh, you already have? Well, as long as there aren’t monograms on your Ugg Boots I won’t ring the stereotypical white girl bell. I digress, for our Fall theme linkup posts about home decor, harvest, raking leaves, halloween costumes, calving season, football tailgates, ANYTHING. Roll on with your bad self. Also, October is Pork month, posts about pork are welcomed and encouraged.

How do you Link Up? Find the little blue frog at the end of this post and click on it. The frog takes you to a new page where it asks for the URL of one of your posts. Be sure and add the specific URL, not just your blog address. It then will ask for your email. No worries, no spam. Then you will need to chose a picture to go with your link. Click add and you are in like Flynn. Remember you can link up to three different posts if you so chose.

Who are the co-hosts? There are currently four co-hosts. Nicole, LaurieTaysha and myself. But, hey, guess what?! We are on the hunt for additional hosts. If you are interested, contact one of us! You don’t have to be a farm gal(guy) or an agriculture blogger to be a co-host. You just have to have a love of all things country!

Don’t forget, if you are a blogger and link up a post(s) add the button to your post so that everyone knows that you are a participant. Kelly from Old Blue Silo designed it for us and we think it is uber cute! Just click on the image at the top and grab the URL.

Can’t wait to see what y’all link up! Now go get your party on!

October Country Fair Blog Party - Fall

My Top 8 Tips for S(h)aving Travel Time


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Recently, I was inspired by Dollar Shave Club, yeah, THAT Dollar Shave Club, the one with viral promotional video.

Is this the first time you’ve heard of them? Wondering what the deal is? Curious why they want anything to do with little ole High Heels & Shotgun Shells?

I’m getting to it, I’m getting to it. Hold your horses, Bessie.

When I first read their email I thought it was a joke, I mean, let me level with you, there is celebrating in the house of D2 when I get around to shaving BOTH and ALL of my legs — I’m feeling your judgmental stare, don’t act like you’ve never just shaved the front, up to the knee, and called that bad boy good to go.

Not only is time, when I’ve slept through three alarm clocks and spend what little time I have between getting ready and leaving trying to find everything that has miraculously gone missing since the night before, but have you purchased razor blades this year?! Holy Fort Knox. Buying shaving supplies is quickly becoming the equivalent of buying a decongestant, and practically just as expensive.

THAT my friends is the neat thing about Dollar Shave Club, they are saving YOUR precious time but delivering monthly blades to your home, but they are doing it in way that’s actually affordable.

Which brings me to their current campaign ‘Shaving Time and Money’ and the reason they contacted me, (after reading this post of mine => Dani B. Home Security) asking about ways I ‘Shave Time’. Coincidentally, with as much as I’ve been here, there, and everywhere lately, I was tossing around the idea of a travel tips post.

And here we are y’all, I give you:Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 12.43.54 PM

My Top 8 Tips to S(h)ave Traveling Time

1. Miss Me Jeans are not airpot friendly. I hear ya girl, you like to sparkle and shine when you’re out and about. Those rhinestones and studs all over your back pockets make you rear look FANTASTIC. However, you might be rethinking all the above as you are pulled to the side getting an extra pat down from TSA because your sparkle and shine set off their detectors.

2. Do not let your gas tank get into the bottom quarter. You have an 8-10 hour drive, you’ve been rolling down the highways and interstates like you own them, the last thing you need is to be caught in a leg of road time with no gas station in sight. Keep an eye on the fuel gauge, start looking for somewhere to stop when it hits a quarter, it’s much better than sweating a gas light, slowing down to preserve fuel mileage or worst case scenario — being stuck on the side of the road.

3. When driving, pack snacks. You just had a flashback to road trips as a child, didn’t you? Crawling over the backseat to fish a Sunny D and a pre-made, with love from your mom, turkey sandwich. Well, mom was onto something, not only does having a packed cooler save major time when traveling long distances, it. saves. money. and we could all stand to do a little of that, I’m sure.

4. Take your Laptop out of your carry on. Seems like a no-brainer, but it was one I didn’t know until once again I was pulled aside and bomb residue tested in the Denver airport. Sheesh, I spend a lot of time getting additional TSA time. It’s so simple to, just take it out before it’s your turn to go through security, put it in a separate plastic bin and you’re golden!

5. Be aware of what your camera batteries are made of. Maybe I should’ve labeled this post ‘How to not spend additional time with airport security, I’ve spent a lot of time learning what not to do the hard way, but this I was actually warned by a fellow photographer. Lithium powered batteries left floating in your bag will not make it through TSA. One battery for my camera cost approximately $80. That is NOT something I want to be held up for while they rummage through my bag to find and throw away. BUT, have no fear, you can still fly with camera batteries, just make sure they are either in your camera OR have the plastic cover on them. Such a quick step, but will really save you some time (and money) in the airport.

One of my camera batteries with it's yellow plastic cover. That sucker is safe to pass through airport security.

One of my camera batteries with it’s yellow plastic cover. That sucker is safe to pass through airport security.

6. Book a hotel room before you leave for a trip. Aye-yi-yi have I learned this one the hard way several times. Nothing sucks worse than driving all day, finally arriving and then spending so. much. time. finding a hotel, going to the front desk, finding out they are booked, too expensive etc. and then having to start the search all over again. Do some planning pre-trip, your will thank yourself later.

7. Talk to the locals. You’re wondering how this will save you time? Don’t worry, I’m about to tell you. Siri, your GPS, Urban Spoon, that friend of your sister’s, mother-in-law’s, cousin’s, best friend’s, god-mother that visited Rhode Island once 10 years ago are all great tools, but who better to know an area than the people who live there. Find a local, ask what are some of the best things to see, places to eat, routes to take to get there. You’ll spend a lot less time Googling and making phone calls and more time taking in the essence of a new place.

8. Establish a taxi plan, BEFORE you need the taxi. You want to know a gut wrenching feeling? Try needing a ride to the airport, the hotel saying they have it covered, then when it’s time for you to go there is no taxi and traffic is crazy. That will be the moment when you will feel like you’re going to miss your flight, and you will probably get darn close. I did. So, don’t rely on the hotel or someone else to handle getting a cab, ensure that you will have one in enough time to get to the airport early.

And that’s that. In the past two months I’ve been in 8 different states, traveling is what I love to do, and while I seem to learn more lessons with each trip, I am ever grateful for the knowledge passed down from others. So, your turn, what are some of your tips for s(h)aging travel time?

*Oh, and if you haven’t already make sure you wander over to www.dollarshaveclub.com and check them out*


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